[MySQL][Spider][VP]Spider-2.25 VP-0.14 released

I'm pleased to announce the release of Spider storage engine version 2.25(beta) and Vertical Partitioning storage engine version 0.14(beta).
Spider is a Storage Engine for database sharding.
Vertical Partitioning is a Storage Engine for vertical partitioning for a table.

The main changes in this version are following.
- Add table parameter "skip_default_condition" and "direct_order_limit".
- Add server parameter "spider_skip_default_condition" and "spider_direct_order_limit".
  "direct_order_limit" improves some SQL with "order by" and "limit" performance.
- Add UDF "spider_flush_table_mon_cache".
  "spider_flush_table_mon_cache" is used for reflecting changing of table monitoring server information.
- Wild card for monitoring server information is now available.
  Wild card like used for user information can be used for monitoring server information(db_name、table_name、link_id), and you can set a monitoring server information for multiple tables. For this changing, Spider's management table was changed from previous version, please execute "install_spider.sql" for upgrading.

Vertical Partitioning
  This release is bug fix release.

- Table partitioning supports fulltext searching.

- Added following parameters to bundled handlersocket.
  - handlersocket_bulk_insert
    Handlersocket supports bulk inserting.
    This parameter is bulk size of inserting.
    There is a feature that insert from multiple users becomes bulk insert, and there is the speed-up of insert of the application to which insert of a single line is done with the MultiThreading.
     0:Disable bulk inserting.
    1-:Execute bulk inserting when the stocked records increase more than the values of the parameter.
  - handlersocket_bulk_insert_timeout
    The maximum standby time of the state that it doesn't reach the number of records of handlersocket_bulk_insert to execute bulk insert. (second)

- Table partitioning supports "handlersocket_direct_update_mode" with Spider. (It only works with unlimited updating and deleting with handlersocket_unlimited_boundary.)

Please see "99_change_logs.txt" in the download documents for checking other changes.

Thanks to Kazuhide, Takahiro, Yuki, Hiroshi and Sangjin for bug reporting.
Thanks to Mikiya for your advice.