[MySQL][Spider][VP]Spider-2.26 VP-0.15 released

I'm pleased to announce the release of Spider storage engine version 2.26(beta) and Vertical Partitioning storage engine version 0.15(beta).
Spider is a Storage Engine for database sharding.
Vertical Partitioning is a Storage Engine for vertical partitioning for a table.

Recently, I can't upload the binary file to Launchpad, so I put the binary file at the following. Please use the following for downloading binary file.

The main changes in this version are following.
- Add table parameter "active_link_count", "read_only_mode", "first_read" and "second_read".
- Add server parameter "spider_read_only_mode", "spider_first_read", "spider_second_read", "spider_remote_time_zone" and "spider_sync_time_zone".
  "active_link_count" is a parameter for using Active-Standby database for data node. Normally, set "active_link_count" to 1 for using Active-Standby data node. Currently, this feature supports only Active-Standby that can switch immediately. For this changing, Spider's management table was changed from previous version, please execute "install_spider.sql" for upgrading.
- Reducing access to data nodes.
  By this change, even if a shard is crushed, you can continue accessing to other shard.

Vertical Partitioning
  This release is bug fix release.

Please see "99_change_logs.txt" in the download documents for checking other changes.