[MySQL][VP]Vartical Partitioning-0.6 released

I'm pleased to announce the release of Vertical Partitioning storage engine version 0.6(alpha).
Vertical Partitioning is a Storage Engine for vertical partitioning for a table.

The main changes in this version are following.
- Add UDF "vp_copy_tables".
  This UDF is used for syncronizing Vertical Partitioning's child table data from old child tables to new added child tables.

- Add table parameter "choose_ignore_table_list", "choose_ignore_table_list_for_lock" and "zero_record_update_mode".
  This parameters are used for avoiding to use new added child tables at searching operation and separating child tables for searching with lock and without lock.

- Add server parameter "vp_udf_ct_bulk_insert_interval" and "vp_udf_ct_bulk_insert_rows".
  This parameters are used for changing the load of updating immediately from vp_copy_tables.

Initial tables:
    create table tbl_a(
      col_a int not null,
      col_b varchar(20),
      col_c int not null,
      primary key(col_a),
      key idx1(col_c, col_a)
    )engine=VP comment='tnl "tbl_b tbl_c"';

Add a table:
    alter table tbl_a comment='tnl "tbl_b tbl_c tbl_d", cit "3", cil "3", zru "1"';

Copy table data from tbl_c to tbl_d:
    select vp_copy_tables("tbl_a", "tbl_c", "tbl_d");

    alter table tbl_a comment='tnl "tbl_b tbl_c tbl_d"';

Please see "99_change_logs.txt" in the download documents for checking other changes.


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