[MySQL][Spider]Spider-2.10 released

I'm pleased to announce the release of Spider storage engine version 2.10(beta).
Spider is a Storage Engine for database sharding.

The main changes in this version are following.
- Add table parameter "ssl_ca", "ssl_capath", "ssl_cert", "ssl_cipher", "ssl_key", "ssl_verify_server_cert", "default_file" and "default_group".
- Add UDF parameter "ssl_ca", "ssl_capath", "ssl_cert", "ssl_cipher", "ssl_key", "ssl_verify_server_cert", "default_file" and "default_group".
You can use ssl for Spider's communication to remote servers.
Spider can read config file(my.cnf) at connecting to remote servers.

Please see "99_change_logs.txt" in the download documents for checking other changes.
Thanks to Shinya for bug report.


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