[MySQL][Spider][VP]Spider-3.2 VP-1.1 released

I'm pleased to announce the release of Spider storage engine version 3.2(rc) and Vertical Partitioning storage engine version 1.1(beta).
Spider is a Storage Engine for database sharding.
Vertical Partitioning is a Storage Engine for vertical partitioning for a table.

Please use the following for downloading binary file.

The main changes in this version are following.
- Add server parameter "spider_log_result_error_with_sql", "spider_version", "spider_internal_xa_id_type", "spider_casual_read", "spider_dry_access" and "spider_delete_all_rows_type".
- Add table parameter "casual_read" and "delete_all_rows_type".

Vertical Partitioning
- Add server parameter "vp_version".

From this release, release target is not only MySQL 5.5 but also MariaDB 10.0. MariaDB 10.0 version is bundling Spider, VP and Mroonga. Please try to use this. You can use Bached Key Access by setting join_cache_level to 5 and more. So please set it.
Limited Spider features for MariaDB 10.0 which I announced are now available except "Using Spider table through handlersocket".

Please see "99_change_logs.txt" in the download documents for checking other changes.

Thanks to Stephane, Nicolas, Koichi, Akihiko, Yasunori for supporting.


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